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Writer and Producer Aaron Barksdale Talks About Constantly Expanding Your Skillset Even If It Makes You Uncomfortable

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Aaron Barksdale is a writer, producer, and previously a teacher in Brooklyn, New York. Aaron and I met while working at Vice where he was doing something totally different than what he is doing now for his full-time job. While working together I would come to learn that Aaron is not afraid to challenge himself and take on new opportunities. Aaron was a previously a teacher before deciding to enter the media industry as a writer. He wrote for companies like Refinery29, HuffPost, Blavity and more before making his way to Vice Media Group. While at Vice he has been able to expand his skillset as a writer and also a producer working on a variety of video series for the company. Aaron's willingness to learn and humble attitude is something I admire and I am so glad to have him as a guest for this season of the podcast.

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