5 Talented Illustrators To Follow This #Inktober

This month long challenge will keep you smiling while the seasons change!

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It is October and that means two things. First, fall is in full effect here on the east coast. Second, the month long challenge #Inktober is kicking off and creatives all over the world will be pushing themselves to make something every day of the month.

If you're not familiar with #Inktober don't worry because I wasn't really aware of it till this year either. #Inktober is a month long drawing challenge created by artist Jake Parker that prompts creatives with a list of topics, to make a drawing every day of the month of October. You can check out the prompt for 2019 here.

Feel free to go rogue and draw something on your own but if you're a newbie to the challenge, the topic list is there to cut out the frustration of coming up with something 'original'.

Goro Fujita

Goro not only illustrates but takes it one step further and animates his illustrations in VR. The future is real. Check out Goro's youtube here.

Kat Schneider

Kat is a Jersey City local and I am really enjoying her warm color palette as of late. More of Kat's work over here.

Ada Crowe

I am a sucker for big splashes of color. Ada's style is how I would like to imagine my life after a piece of double bubble. Ada also has a cool youtube channel with more about her process.

Ry Macarayan

Simple and still so very effective. Also shouts to Ry for the onbrand color palette. More of his work here.

Faith Schaffer

Really excited to see where Faith takes her Inktober story. Feels like I'm watching a mini Netflix series on IG. Her website here.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet them to me on twitter or DM me on instagram. Let's start a conversation in the comments below. Do you have any other illustrators or artists you recommend to watch out for this #Inktober? Are you working on your own series? Leave your tag and we'll stop over to your page!

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